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HTML/OS has several communities that you will want to get involved in. Community is necessary for HTML/OS programmers of all skill levels to connect and help each other.

Use these communities to connect with other HTML/OS programmers, share code, and get your questions answered as they arise.


htmlos.org is an Aestiva run forum as well as resource for learning to program in HTML/OS. Visit htmlos.org and join the conversation.

Visit htmlos.org

Yahoo Groups - HTMLOS

Yahoo has announced they will cease their groups operations in December of 2019. If a new group emerges we will post details here.

There is also a forum over on Yahoo called htmlos. There are many fine HTML/OS programmers that offer a wealth of both experience and expertise. Read about it and sign up to join.

Visit HTML/OS Yahoo Group

HTML/OS Powered Apps

Software as a Service

Some HTML/OS programmers offer their software as a service, which typically comes with free support, hosting, training, etc. The following is a collection of solutions available.

ROAR Publication Website Software


Lions Light provides newspapers/magazines with a full featured website solution and staff interface for posting stories, managing classifieds, etc.

Help Desk Pro


The SIMPLEST Help-Desk System on the Planet with unparalleled reliability, 100% web-based helpdesk application

100% Web-based, - No other Software Components to Install or Maintain. Your Clients of the help desk only need their web browser to log in a new support call, or check on the status of an existing call.

Similarly, Operators and Supervisors of the HelpDesk also only need their web browser to interface fully with the system - and they can do this from anywhere, - home, office, across the State, across the World!

Web Based TimeClock


Put your time clock on the web with a punched in time clock!

Are you tired of manually adding employee punch cards? Web Based TimeClock can do the work for you.

Employees simply punch in or out with TimeClock's super easy interface. Employees have full access to their timecard. Manual punches are always stamped with the actual punch time.

MySylo Project Networking


Collaborate. Communicate. Document. Get it done!

Capture the power of Project Networking on your projects. Manage unlimited projects in one place! Collaborate for Free! Automate workflow (No IT implementation)

  • Fast Implementation - Get up and running immediately with MySylo's patented automated workflow.

  • Free Collaboration - Every stakeholder can participate and control their own data

  • Unlimited Projects - Manage all projects in one place with every collaborative participant.

  • Mobile Friendly - We are optimized for the mobile web, "app" installation is not required. Add MySylo to your home screen.

Submit Your Web App

If you have an HTML/OS Powered App we would love to feature it here.

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